Course Detail

Course Objectives

1.       To understand and apply the Object-Oriented strategies

2.       To analysis and design the program with Object-Oriented concepts 

3.       To gain the comfort for using the UML notation

4.       To be familiar with the UML case tools

5.       To implement the common practice for in the software industry using Object-Oriented concepts


Midterm                     30%

Final)                         35%

Group Project             20%

Participation               10%

Class Attendance         5%

Total                        100%


   1.       Larman, C., “Apply UML and Patterns : An introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design”. Prentice Hall PTR.

    2.       Xiaoping, J., “Object Oriented Software Development Using Java”. Addison Wesley.

    3.       Schach, S.R., “Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML and the Unified Process”. Mc Graw Hill.

Group Assignments (20 points)

1)      Object-Oriented Analysis (8 points) : Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagram and Use Case Document

2)       Object-Oriented Design (12 points) : Class Diagram (Modify version), Collaboration Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams